Eco-Committee Updates

Next meeting: Tuesday 15 December 2015

Next meeting: Wednesday 12 November 2014

Next meeting: Thursday 9 October 2014

There are no formal minutes for the December meeting as pupils from the Eco-Committee as well as Eco-Warriors met with the Estyn inspectors to explain the work of the committee on Wednesday 4 December.

Next meeting - Thursday 4 July, late lunch 1.15pm

At the meeting on Friday 14th June, the school was awarded its third Green Flag. The Green Flag inspection was conducted by Julie Giles of Keep Wales Tidy.

Next meeting - Thursday 9 May, late lunch 1.15pm

Next meeting - Thursday 25 April, late lunch 1.15pm

Next meeting - Tuesday 12 March, late lunch 1.15pm

Next meeting - Tuesday 26 February, late lunch 1.15pm

Next meeting - Tuesday 24 January, late lunch 1.15pm

The remit of the Eco-Committee

The Eco-Committee is made up of pupil representatives from each year in the school.
The members of the Eco-Committee are: Year 13 Liam MARTIN, Hannah GASKIN, Jordan CARPENTER, Year 12 James GASKIN, Luca BIANCHI, Josie PALMER, Kathryn REES,
Year 11 Martha HOLDER, Rachel BROOKES-BENT, Callum MARLOR, Lukas WALLIS, Thomas HILL, Year 10 Pippa JOLLES, Selina RADCLIFFE, Emily MATSON-THOMAS, Angharad THOMAS, Year 9, Izzy LYNN, Connor STRATTON, George WILLIAMS, India MAURICE, Year 8 Nia EVANS, Luke HINKIN-EVANS, Sophie WILLIAMS, Year 7 tbc

For information about Eco-Schools contact Mrs L Ellis, Miss L Couch or Miss D White.